Adorable, a mother koala and baby rescued from bushfires are returning home into wild

Koalas population has reportedly declined with over 30% as a result of the catastrophic blaze that his Australia recently. Australia’s iconic mammals have seen their numbers seriously affected due to the devastating bushfires. Koalas might soon be on the verge of extinction. A large number of animals have been rescued from wildfires thanks to the efforts of locals, firefighters and a lot of volunteers, the animals received all the love, comfort and care they needed to make it through. Thankfully many of them mad a full recovery and they’re ready to get back to their homes.

Two koalas Tippy and Jellybean as they were named, had been rescued and taken to Healesville Sanctuary – a local wildlife rescue center. Fortunately, after weeks they managed to make a full recovery. Therefore, the center decided they are able to return into wild with the scene captured on camera.

Mom and her baby have been released exactly in the same spot they were found in Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia. And the moment they’re returning to their home is so overwhelming. Carrying her baby on her back, mother koala started to climb a tree soon after they were released.

“Such a beautiful thing to see. Such wonderful creatures. So happy they are well and in their own environment,” wrote one person moved by the scene. “Koalas are so precious. Thankyou for saving our injured Koalas. This Mother & Baby recovered well & they are back in the their habitat now!”



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