Cat Owner Built A Ladder For His Cat Because The Landlord Banned The Cat From Sneaking In

An Oxford University phD student named Tariq Khoyaratty, did a simply genius job when his landlord banned his cat from entering home.Tariq Khoyaratty, lives with his girlfriend Nikki in Grade II building, Living in the building means that they have to follow certain rules and regulation because of its historical significance. They decided to make a ladder for Nelson to run up their room and jump through an open window.

While making the ladder they were not sure that if the cat will be able to climb up the ladder or not. So, for practice they made a small one against the downstairs window. “Once he was used to it, we coaxed him onto the larger ladder with treats and he took it very quickly”, says Khoyaratty.

They also installed soft rugs around the bottom of ladder to avoid any potential crash or harm to the kitty. Now this ladder is the only way for the cat to enter or exit the house.

An elastic bungee cord is used to attach the top of the ladder to the bedroom window. This whole 7-meter long ladder costs less than $30.



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