Cats With The Craziest Fur Markings Ever

Cats are well know for being agile, however one thing you probably didn’t know is that cats are also masters of disguise.Cats can really make a statement with the way they look. Even cats you think you know can surprise you.Most cats are pretty recognizable by their breeds and we love them no matter the size, shape, or color they are. But some cats are just born with extra special markings that make them the masters of disguise. Whether they’re pretending to be cinnamon rolls, hipsters, chocolate chip cookies or even Hitler himself, there’s no limit to the lengths these cats will go to in order to pass undetected. Here are the cats with the most unique fur markings and patterns we’ve ever seen.

  1. This Is Logan, The Cat Who Always Looks Pissed Off Due To His Markings

2. Hamilton The Hipster Cat

3. Cinnamon Roll Cat

4. The OMG Cat

5. This Is Sam. He Has Eyebrows

6. This Kitten Has A Heart On His Nose

7. Marble Beauty

8. Kitten With Permanently Worried-Looking Eyebrows

9. My Cat Has A Goatee

10. Batcat Plus Look At Those Paws



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