Dog Sees Tiny Kitten Struggling To Hop Upstairs, Decides To Help Him

A sweet German Shepherd named Tennyson,and his owner recently welcomed an addition to the family – an adorable kitten. The German Shepherd fell in love with the little tiny cat immediately, he follows the little cat and protects him from dangers all the time. Tennyson and his little friend can be seen going up a staircase together but the little kitten struggles to climb up the stairs due to his short and little legs, after a few moments the German Shepherd decides to intervene, he grabs the little kitten and carries him up.

The dog tries to grab the little kitty by the nape at first but failed, he know he has to be gentle to avoid hurting the kitten, after a few attempts the dog was able to carry the little cat gently in his mouth and walk up the stairs. Understandably, the kitten is nervous when the Shepherd tries to bite his head, but after that, he seems to understand that the big dog is just trying to help him. After reaching the last step, the big brother drops the little kitten and proceeds to cuddle with him.

People were impressed by how gentle and patient the dog was. He made so many attempts to carry the kitten without hurting it. It’s amazing to see how loving and empathetic animals are. They adopt one another, even when they’re not from the same species.



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