Donkey Behaves Just Like A Dog Whenever His Dad Comes Home

A sweet donkey named Walter lives with his owners and three German Shepherd siblings in Oatman, Arizona. Walter growed up with dogs and has learned some unusual habits and acts just like a dog. Kelly and Brad Blake are his owners and they took him home after they found him abandoned in the barn. “Walter’s mama rejected him because she was too young. The Bureau of Land Management and town locals tried for 10 hours to get Walter’s mama to take to him. Nothing was working, so we were called and asked if we would like to adopt him. Of course, we said yes!”

Kelly and Brad Blake took him home and let him bon with their German Shepherd dogs, and it din’t take long for Walter to adapt to his new life. The three German Shepherd raise him and teach him house manners and this is one of the reason he acts and thinks as if he were another of the dogs, his personality really comes out whenever Brad returns home from a business trip, and as soon as he sees his Brad, he comes running towards him, wags his cute little tail, and nuzzles his shoulder.

“Walter acts as though he is a dog,” Blake said. “He wags his tail and gets excited when we come home. He hops and brushes his body against me to love on him. He even lays on the couch next to me for naps.”

Walter has gained a lot of fans all over the world, and his parents often share his daily avdventures on Facebook, Walter’s parents help him become a valuable member of the local community.



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