Lion Climbed Into A Bus Of People Because It Wanted To Be Petted

A young lion came inside a bus with full of tourist, this happened in a park in Crimea, were the tourists were watching the lion and he came in offering them hugs,the lion did not show any sign of aggressiveness whatsoever.Tourist are seen very surprised with what was happening, they seem to be happy, filled with joy, and enjoying the little lion’s company. They keep taking pictures and videos all the time to keep them as precious memories.Mail Online states that “the lion whisperer” Oleg Zbukov, oversaw this encounter and that he seemed very comfortable and played with the lion all the time.

Oleg, when asked about this occurrence, stated:
“It was my mistake not to realize that she has had cognac before entering- possibly because she was scared.
She came inside and started ruffling the lions’ mane. Vitya the lion came close to her and pulled her away by her arm. She wasn’t pulled forcefully into the park. She knew this was a dangerous site.
She was given health and safety instructions and entered voluntarily. I’m glad to say days after the incident Olga was feeling well.”

Oleg states that if people follow his instructions they will be more than safe in the company of a lion.



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    1. Carefull Charlie. Stupid can get you killed but you just keep believing they arent all bad and press your luck. They are wild and when they revert at random, the animals mind reverts back to wild from the tame, docile animal it was and kills. And their is no why. It just does and such undertakings should only be in the presence of well trained staff and overseers of such and animal in the event they revert and attack. But there will be more that think like you and attempt it without supervision and unfortunately we will read about them. Only attempt petting in a highly supervised area if your going to pet at all. Wanna be brave and go italone? Your choice folks. You have been warned.

  1. This could have gone wrong so quick! Someone could have had their last meal on their breath. A women could have been on her period. (sorry) Someone could have stepped on it’s foot or tail… Think about Siegfried & Roy, with the big cats that they raised from birth! But I am jealous.

  2. Some cats play with their food before eating, just to set the mood having the meal die happy and at peace makes it Kosher. 🤣 #jewishlions

  3. With a couple exceptions, Bill, Lisa, YOU PEOPLE ARE UNBELIEVABLY IGNORANT!! I’m almost sorry you all didn’t get mauled to death! This situation was EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE on the part of the “driver/wildlife tour expert!” Someone could have been killed! The stupidity here is clearly (and sadly) rampant! rampant

  4. Oleg, you should be ashamed of yourself and whoever “Olga drunk on cognac” is, you should thank your lucky stars you didn’t get torn to pieces by a WILD ANIMAL! 😣

  5. Hell naw!!! That’s a wild animal. Key word “Wild”. Trained or not he’s still a force to be reckoned with. I respect animals and their need to feed. I only visit them at the Zoo.