World’s Biggest Maine Coon Watches Over Little Brother

Ludo, the Maine Coon isn’t only the biggest cat among her species, she is also the biggest cat in the whole world! He loves his family, especially his human brothers, whom he likes to look after all the time.

Ludo is a 3-year-old Maine Coon from Wakefield, England. According to Kelsey Gill, Ludo was the biggest cat of the litter, and at only one year of age, he had hit 20.5 pounds. Many who had encountered him during his kittenhood couldn’t believe that he was still a kitten and had a lot of growing up to do.

The fluffy cat adores his new brother who stands at only 9 lbs. The family however sees this as no surprise as when he was a kitten, Ludo was very protective of his older human brother, Cameron, and the pair had become quite inseparable.

Kelsey said that Ludo is “so gentle he’s a big softy he’s like a big teddy bear, very chilled personality.”She said that whenever his brother wasn’t feeling well, Ludo would keep him company and help him heal.

The family has two other cats in the house. One is a 10 lb calico, Arwen, who is quite a good friend with Ludo and loves to bathe with him.

The other cat (the smaller one who isn’t so small after all), Krum, is also a Maine Coon but he only stands at 14 lbs and compared to Ludo is only half his size.

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