Man finally finds out that his breathing problems while sleeping are thanks to his cat sitting on his

Cats are known of sitting on things, cats sitting on boxes, laptops, or whatnot else are a thing for sure but this cat goes and sits on his owner’s face while he’s asleep. This is funny and terrifying at the same time, this was the reason it caused breathing problems for the owner of the cat. The owner for months has been talking about his weird breathing problems during his sleep even that he’s not a smoker nor did he have such problems before.

The truth of the problems that caused breathing problems was from his cat that was sleeping on his face oevernight, this is cute in a way but also terrifying.One day he put a camera in his bedroom to see what really is happeing overnight and he was stunned to see his beloved pet enter the room and settle on his face. The post went instantly viral and is another proof of how weird cats are.

He’s not the only person to have experienced it. Other Twitter users have posted pics of cats sleeping on their faces. It’s funny, yet terrifying at the same time considering the fact that they can block your breathing. But, hey, at least they stop you from snoring, right?

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