This Adorable Cat Is So Expressive That We Think She Is A Movie Star

Meet this adorable cat named Nana a British Shorthair cat, his owner and this amazing cat lives together in China. On Weibo one of the biggest social media platforms in China Name the cat is a real star, she has over 76.000 fans who love her and eagerly wait for her newest photos and videos.

Nana is so expressive that most of us think she is a Hollywood movie star, the cat became famous thanks to her unique reactions and dramatic emotions, but they also fall in love with her appearance, Nana owns gorgeous blue eyes and pristine white fur that make her look so adorable.

She’s a super star who belongs on the silver screen, that’s the reason why we have gathered some cute photos of Nana to share with you.

These photos will prove that Nana is so dramatic that she probably deserves an Oscar for her performance. Scroll down to check for yourself!

Yum Yum in my tum tum! Now please!

attentions right now hooman !!

I like your “Lemme see dem snackz” face

That’s a very bitey look.

What did you put in ma fud, muh eyes feel funny.


Universe eyes

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